Fabric business

We have over 10 years experience in fabric export to Europe and we have gained all essential knowledge about the quality standard and general requirements of European clients. We supply various fabrics in grey and finished, such as 100% cotton, polyester/cotton, viscose filament, spun rayon, polyester filament, silk & etc. fabrics; We also export in big quantity of pure silk scarves, ties, shawls and etc. hand made articles. Also we import the most fashionable fabrics from Europe to some high-class garment makers in China.
As an experienced company, we have many advantages which we believe can guarantee our good service to the clients.


We have very close relationship with many qualified weaving mills in China, most of who have got ISO9002 certificates. Being our long-term partners and suppliers, they can provide fabrics with ¡°AA¡± quality. As well we can do packing, labeling and shipment at buyer¡¯s request.

Quality-control team

Instead of just buying goods from the weaving mills, we have a very responsible quality-control team. Our qc staffs often go to the mills to supervise and control the whole process during production to be sure of the quality. And our qc staff also go to give final inspection of products before the shipment.

Experienced and efficient, our service team will supply sufficient service to the clients, responding to their requests in time. Our motto is to do our best to service our client.

Some of the products we have been dealing with are:

100% cotton fabrics
1. Industrial used fabrics with long piece-length in grey
- 44" 68x68 30x30
- 63" 68x68 30x30
piece-length 90% 1,000m up and 10% 300-999m

2. Fashion fabrics in
- grey cotton sheeting such as 60x60 20x20, 60x60 16x16, 81x76 20x30 & etc in different width up to 118"
- grey cotton shirting such as 68x68 30x30, 76x68 30x30, 75x75 30x30, 81x76 30x30 & etc in different width up to 118"
- grey cotton combed poplin such as 133x72 40x40, 133x72 50x50, 140x80 50x50 & etc in 63" + 67"
- grey cotton combed percale such as 113x113 50x50, 136x129 60x60, 175x173 90x135 & etc in 63" + 67"
- grey cotton voile 63" 68x68 50x50 in 63" + 65"
- grey cotton satin 4:1 such as 127x79 40x40, 127x79 50x50, 173x113 60x60 & etc in 59"+63"+69"+72"
- cotton & cotton/spandex corduroy in 6w, 8w, 11w, 16w and 21w in 57/58" for pfp/pfd + finished

Polyester/cotton fabrics
1. 67" 110x76 45x45 carded + combed
2. 63" 88x64 45x45 carded + combed

Viscose filament fabrics
1. viscose georgette 74x61 120d x 120d 1600tpm 2s/2z wp+wf in 63"+67"
2. viscose javanaise 102x58 120d x 30 in 63"
3. viscose crepe marocaine 92x56 120dx30 1550tpm 2s/2z in weft
4. viscose georgette yoryu 74x61 120d x 120d 1600tpm 2s/2z wp+wf in 63"+69"+72"
5. viscose satin 4:1 120x80 120d x 30's
Besides the above mentioned items in grey, we are also selling finished ones.

Spun rayon fabrics

1. Industrial used fabrics with long pieces
- 43" 68x60 30x30 in grey & 40/41" finished
- 44" 68x60 30x30 in grey & 40/41" finished
- 44" 75x75 30x30 in grey & 40/41" finished
- 63" 68x68 30x30 in grey
- 53" 52x33 30x30 in grey

2. Garment used fabrics
- 67" 68x60 30x30 in grey
- 69" 68x44 30x24 in grey with 1350tpm in weft
- 50" 88x64 30x24 twill 2:2 in grey

Polyester filament fabrics
1. polyester taffeta from 170t to 230t finished

2. polyester satin 4:1 from weight of 80g/sqm to 150g/sqm boiled off + finished

3. polyester georgette
- dobby 57/58" 184x94 75d x 75d 2000tpm 2s/2z ¡¡wp+wf boiled off + finished
- single 57/58" 90x75 75d x 75d 2000tpm 2s/2z ¡¡boiled off + finished
4. polyester suede imitation in different weight
5. polyester suiting in different weight
6. polyester fabrics for industrial used in carbon filament yarn-dyed
- 103cms 109x64 150d x 150d
- 103cms 96x58 68d x 150d


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