Food processing machinery

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Operatin in Detail:
1.Putting-on and Feeding
The raw material washed and cut is put into the feeding prism of the feeding conveyor.
The pneumatic controlled grip system takes the asparagus from the conveyor and...
...transports it to the expecially developed holding device.The asparagus is taken at its head by support of an air fed silicon cushion.
Because of their special arrangement
the six pairs of knifes,made of
hight-grade stainless steal,produce a
complete and circled peeling result,
The Two-Pressure-control-
completely new designed for this
process-grants for and absolute
gentle guidance of the knifes.
After finishing the peeling
procedure the asparagus is taken
again by a further system
of grippers,...
...Put down on a continuous
working conveyor and
finally transported out of
the machine.

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